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to go so you're right, that's $16,000 of debt caused by president obama is what a strangling us today. >> you want a quick response? kind i guess amnesia is spreading all over the country. there were eight using a depressed obama and our debt when exponentially out of control. they were too unfounded wars, very expensive prescription benefit of you have chemistry your willingness to raise taxes. you want to do and county taxpayerscan you sign this pledge down to washington so this is how -- we need to look closely at trinity let's be clear. i've never called for privatizing medicare. i've never support anything in the ryan budget what you distort what i said. that's what you do, ms. hochul, you distort what people say to suit your own needs or your own purposes. what i said was the ryan budget did before enough to getting as a balanced budget the next 10 years. mitt romney agrees with it. we need to balance budget. i've never said anything related to the ryan budget and medicare and no one here who has not voted to cut medicare for current changes, including my 85 year old mom. as med
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1